Spring time = Vet time!

Sat, April 13th, Emily Williamson will be at Taylor Turn to provide health assessments and shots.  She will arrive at 1pm and will be on site for approximately 2hrs.  Please come prepared to pay at the time of service. Any blood tests, questions, etc can be taken at this time.  If you have any additional requests please inform Emily before the day of, so she can come prepared with the proper equipment and supplies.

Medical symbol for vets.

Medical symbol for vets.

Valentine’s Day 2013

Set up a time to bring your special someone and share the unique experience of a couples riding lesson!  As a couple you can strengthen your bond between each other and start a bond with one of our lessons horses.  Contact Stephanie Griffin to set up a date and time.

Already a client??  Show us your love!!!  Write/post a comment on the Taylor Turn Stable facebook fan page, yahoo local, google local, the Indy A-List, etc and tell us your favorite memory at Taylor Turn – and show us your love!

Beauty and camper

Beauty and camper

Just in Time for the Holidays!!!

seasonal sale

Seasonal Sale

Just in time for the 2012 Holidays!!  Taylor Turn Stable is offering this deal to new and current clients…. Buy a friend a lesson and get one free!  Current clients buy a new customer a lesson and get one lesson free themselves.  If a new client buys another new client a lesson, they get one free too!  Tis the season for giving…. and receiving.


To purchase send money and info to 5751 W Southport Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46221 or stop by and purchase at the facility!


Contact Stephanie Griffin by phone or email to set up your lesson.

Growth in 2012!

2012 has had many surprises for ower, Kyle Taylor, both personally and in business.  Personally, Kyle became engaged to Zach Keller and a wedding is planned for the fall of 2013.  In business, Taylor Turn Stable dealt with changes in barn help and lesson instructor.  The new additions of Liz, Kyle’s assistant, and Stephanie, new instructor, have truly followed Kyle’s mission to provide a well-rounded facility for horse and rider.  This has created many high hopes moving forward for all involved and we are excited to see the forward progress that awaits.  Taylor Turn has also purchased an additional 20 acres of property and newer brick house, located along the side and back of the original piece of ground the facility was built on.  This additional ground will allow the stable to make its own hay, have additional grazing for our horses, and allow further growth of the facilities and amenities.  The plans moving forward will be to grow, cut, and store hay for the stable’s use - which will help maintain current costs and make the stable self-sustaining.  Additional ground will also allow for an outdoor arena to be constructed for use, giving the facility two arenas and plenty of outdoor riding.  This new property will allow for new pastures, contains additional barns, and creates new options for boarders and their horses.  Taylor Turn Stable has been growing since its start in 2003 and know that these new changes will provide further options, maintenance, and growth in all areas of business and life.  There will be a house-warming/open house of both facilities Sat, Oct 27th, starting at 3pm and going into the night.  A bonfire, food, games, and tours will be going on throughout the afternoon and evening.  Any past, current, or future clients are invited to this event.

Vet/Barn Day March 31st

Make sure you’re taking care of your extended family, by attending our spring vet visit Sat, March 31st, starting at 12:30pm.  Vet, Emily Williamson, will be performing a vet check and giving any routine care necessary.  The normal spring shots are a 3way, plus west nile.  If you can not make this day and time please make other arrangements to get your horse’s needs taken care of.

Showtime 2012!!

It’s showtime again in the horse world!  Our show season will be kicked off this Sun, March 18th, at 4pm.  This meeting both Emily and Kyle will attend to answer questions, give out instructions, and try to set the year up for success.  Anyone interested should attend and make final decisions on horses and 4h.  There are several horses up for lease or use your own.  The season will include lessons, clinics, open shows, and 4h shows.  You can bring your calendars of events and we will work on coming up with a master calendar for everyone to follow.  Most of our students show out of the Johnson Co Horse and Pony program.  If you show out of our program we can help instruct, groom, and trailer your horse to the shows.  If you’re un-able to attend this first meeting here at the barn, please let us know.

Living Social and AAA for 2012

Taylor Turn Stable participated in the Living Social 12 Days of Giving again in 2011 before Christmas.  This year over 300 vouchers were sold!!  Thank you to all that bought this deal and for your interest into Taylor Turn!

To Redeem the Vouchers:   Please read our lesson page to know what to expect.  The lesson page can also provide you with our lesson days and times.  When calling, emailing, texting to schedule please know which of these days/times your family can make, which type of lesson your voucher is for (ie: group or private), the lesson voucher number, purchaser name, student’s name, and student’s phone number.  Please email or text Emily, the instructor, for the quickest results.  Contact us page has all contact info for the owner and instructor.  Currently we have Sat at noon as a Living Social group.  Private sessions are available each day of lessons.

Thank you again and we look forward to meeting all of you!

Christmas Gift Cards

If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift this season….. Give the gift of education and fun of horseback riding lessons, this gift is easy to get and give!  You’re welcome to purchase any amount of pre-paid riding time.  Send us a check, money order, etc and recieve gift cards back in the mail or stop by the facility to make the exchange in person.  The student can use the pre-paid amount for lessons, extra ride time, and leasing.  If sending the amount through the mail, please let us know the name of the intended student.  They will never forget this gift and remember it for a lifetime!