Boarding Options


Typically the horse owner and Kyle (barn owner) will decide what type of boarding will be best for each horse.  Information about the horses health, diet, amount of exercise, age, and breed will help to determine what type of boarding will be best for your equine companion.  The number of boarder's and their horses are kept to a limited number - pricing reflects this.  This buisness reserves the right to choose our clients.  In keeping with a limited number of boarded horses, we also require boarder's to take at least one lesson a month.  Boarder's receive $10 off each lesson.  Taking lessons also helps all of our clients to feel more comfortable around one another.


Outside/Pasture Care - $310/mo/horse  **ALL HORSES ARE KEPT OUTSIDE (with exception of illness/show/short term need)


Includes normal amounts of hay, oats, turn out onto pastures, heated water trough, shelter/tromp shed, use of facilities, trailer parking, and etc. *Now includes de-worming and dewormer!




Includes pasture care, plus a stall, electricity for stall, bedding, fans, heated water buckets, and etc.  This is a self clean option.



*Extra care, bedding, hay, grain, and etc available with additional charges

*Discounts for multiple horse, additional services, etc available