Boarding and Facility Over-View 

Horse boarding is available to approved clients only.  Individuals looking for education (lessons or training), a healthy environment for horse and rider, a facility with common sense- wanted!  Please email for further details and availability.


Here the horses needs are put before human desires.  The horses routine has been developed to provide proper nutrition and healthy herd habits.  Barns have been kept separate for health and safety.  The food and bedding choices are for health reasons, rather than convenience.


Their Diet


Horses are herbivores and meant to graze for their food and eat many types of plants, herbs, and forage - and that's what our horses get to do! Horses eat throughout the day by combination of oats, square bales, and lush grass pasture.  This is to keep food moving through their system for many hours a day- keeping them busy and preventing other health issues.  Square bales are thrown out into separate piles for each horse, instead of using round bales.  The lush pastures are to rich for 24/7 grazing, so the horses are turned out onto pasture several hours a day with dew point, pH balance, and temperatures being kept in mind - and smaller lots with much less grass available throughout the rest of the day.  A mixture of whole oats, wheat bran, and herbs are fed to maintain optimal health.


Barns and Arenas


Our barns are kept separate from each other to insure good health and prevent fires from spreading.  There is a 10 stall barn with concrete aisle with mats and cross ties, a tack barn with air conditioning and fridge, and a 70ft x 120ft indoor arena with more horse stalls.  We are currently in the process of making a large outdoor arena - large enough to handle a full dressage court or a full barrel pattern.  There are other barns on the property used just for hay storage, farm equipment, and etc.