Students wishing to compete, learn to train, how to own, and gain more experience or riding time - are able to lease a horse or pony to do so.  Anyone wanting to lease a horse must be in lessons at Taylor Turn for the safety of horse and rider.


Leasing can be done month to month, seasonly, or yearly- this should be known/discussed at the beginning of the lease. 


In leasing a horse/pony the animal will stay at the facility, include normal equipment, regular vet and farrier care, and the student will have access to the animal other than lesson sessions.  The horse may leave with permission for horse shows, trail riding, and etc.


Depending on the type of lease, which horse is chosen to be leased, and the amount of time/risk involved will dictate the leasing cost per month.  


-Most leasing starts at $100/mo


*If the student wishes to do long-term leasing, a discount to each lesson will be applied.