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*Riding lessons are currently in progress!   Please visit our Taylor Turn Stable Facebook page (<--click the link) for the weekly lesson schedule and visiting info.


English and Western disciplines offered year round at this facility.  Adults and children are welcome from beginner to advanced skill levels.


Our lessons include a minimum 1 1/2hrs of hands on time with the horse/pony, instruction, practice session, horse equipment, and riding helmet.  Students are welcomed to spend time at the facility (extra riding, cleaning stalls, volunteering, grooming horses, helping with barn chores, etc) as much as the student wants or is able to do.  Children 6yo and up recommended for Group sessions, younger than 6yo recommended for Private sessions.  There are many adults in lessons too!




Group- $35/session    *Students are placed into groups by age, skill level, and goals. Class sizes vary 3-5 students.


Family- $20/each family member *3 or more students   $25/for two family members


Semi-private- $45/session    *Required to provide both students.


Private- $55/session     


Private 1/2 hour- $35/session


Mommy and Me - $55 child and mother participate in full hour session sharing one animal


*Discounts for for boarders and multiple service clients.


Interested clients should watch a lesson, before enrolling into lessons (at any barn).  This gives you a chance to see the location, learn about the teaching style, see the animals used for lessons, and ask questions before starting into any program.  Please check our Facebook page for the weekly lesson schedule and info.
















About the Instructor and Riding Program-


Kyle Keller has been trained by the world's leading trainers and passes this education along to her students.  Kyle has been professionally instructing lessons and clinics since 2002.  She grew up in 4H competing in the Horse and Pony Club and attending Open Shows.  She is a graduate of Ken McNabb's Apprenticeships and has most recently gone through Richard Shrake's - A Winning Way, Ltd. accredited coaching program.  Several horses are used in the lesson program to ensure a complete education about horsemanship. 


All students learn about horse behavior, how to groom, lead, saddle, and ride.  Most lessons are given in our indoor arena for safety and ease of learning.  Students also learn how to ride out side, can sign up for trail rides, participate in clinics, and lease a horse/pony for themselves or to compete.  It is important to Kyle that the students goals get worked into the lesson plans.  "It is my wish to help you get to where you want to go."  She will assist you in reaching your specific goals and not push you into a set direction.

Riding Levels and Explanations - (Levels listed on the weekly schedule posted on the Taylor Turn Stable Facebook page)

In an effort to better describe the current skill level of students, I’ve created this cheat sheet.  The 1,2, or 3 is in reference to the current progress within the level- 1 starting at the beginning and progressing to 3, before leveling up.  W, T, C (Walk, Trot, Canter) is the speed or gait they are currently working at.

- I  1,2,3 - Introduction to lessons and riding - 

Intro phase is covering the how to’s of catching, leading, grooming, saddling, horse parts, how to mount and dismount, how to steer, ride, and hold on.  These students are in their first sessions of taking lessons at this facility.

- Y - Young Youth -

This signals there is a young youth (5yo and under) rider that will be working on the very basics like holding on and balance. This rider may be lead around or starting to steer. These riders will often be only taking a 1/2hr session for attention span purposes.

-B  W,T,C  1,2,3 - Basic Riding Lessons at the Walk, Trot, Canter-

Basic phase covers the how to’s of a rider learning how to properly hold on, steer, body control, balance, and strength.  Each student will learn these how to’s at the walk, trot, and canter.

-T  W,T,C 1,2,3 - Training Lessons at the Walk, Trot, Canter -

The training level is for the rider working with a greener (or lesser) trained horse or a rider wanting to learn how to train horses.  Green horses have fewer training hours which provides the student with a more difficult challenge of accomplishing the same goal as a finished horse.  Students training horses learn how to understand and teach them on the ground and in the saddle.

-L 1 W,T,C - Level 1 Rider at the Walk, Trot, Canter

Level 1 riders have accomplished how to properly use their body while riding horses and are now onto learning how to manipulate the horses body.  Similar to correct posture for people, horses need to also be held accountable for their form - and Level 1 introduces this form at the walk, trot, then canter with rhythm, balance, and control.

-L 2 W,T,C - Level 2 Rider at the Walk, Trot, Canter

Level 2 riders have accomplished how to properly use and manipulate their and their horses’s body at the walk, trot, and canter while maintaining rhythm, balance, and control.  They are now using these skills to develop better collection, lateral movements, patterns, and control at the walk, trot, canter.

- S - Show Competitors -

Some students are interested in competing in a variety of events including 4H, barrel racing, dressage, and more.  The students competing will have the letter S to distinguish that they are also competing and will be learning additional skills for their chosen event/events during lessons.

-English and Western students may ride in the same classes until they are working on specifics for their chosen discipline/event.

-As part of the educational process some lessons will have a theme or special goal for the day mentioned - some examples of these include bareback riding, lunge line lesson, obstacle course, patterns, field day, ground work, and more.

 -Some students have multiple goals and take more than one kind of lesson - allowing more than one level to be possible.

Please visit WWW.TODAYSEQUINE.COM for more information about Kyle, her training, and her resume.

Watch this quick clip about lessons and training at Taylor Turn Stable